Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We had a blast at the American Lhasa Apso National Specialty this year in Mansfield PA. We were very excited to get the chance to share a room with one of our mentors Linda K. Smith of Orlane Lhasa Apsos. We very much enjoyed sharing the “National” experience with her. We also had the privlege of visiting her hom in Delaware even more. We got to see all the Orlane Lhasas and her family was very welcoming.
We had a nice time at dinner the last night before our flight, and we were delighted to meet Joan and Ann. Every moment with Linda was far from dull…lol We had a lot of fun and got to meet a lot of very nice people.
Janet and Betty you are the best for taking the time at midnight to share your knowledge and experience with us. We are very grateful to both of you for making it all that much easier on us in the grooming department.

The Gallo's met us at the baggage claim to meet us and take their new puppy Cody home. We found them to be so genuinly nice. They were so helpful getting us out to Linda's car, loaded up, and on our way. We know that Cody has found a wonderful family with the two of them and thier other Apso Maggie from Linda. They have been sending us wonderful photos of all of them enjoying their winter home in sunny Florida.
We were very impressed to see how the basket contest came together, and we were glad that our donation could add something different to the bunch. All the baskets on the tables added to the beauty of the ballroom which looked fantastic.
Bingo was a blast with Linda and Marsha and their antics, though Marsha would make a better auctioneer then bingo number caller at hyper speed…lol… I am happy that what we did helped to bring the rescue total up. When out to Dinner with Helen and Linda Goldy and I decided to go ahead and collect items for ALAC Rescue Bingo again this coming year.
Rider sure took to all the ladies at the National dog or human, and was licking Linda’s toes in the chair to butter her up after being turned away with his advances …lol
Dea Andrews

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