Saturday, July 26, 2008

Puppy Calls

I have had about five calls so far this week from people looking for a Lhasa Apso puppies to add to their family. They range from the misinformed to the extremely educated type. The misinformed individuals seem to have more care for color then quality, and have no idea why they should care about shows or Champions. They seem to think that show dogs are ones who are carried around on pillows and fed filet steak every day! :)
I had a call from a woman with a Lhasa whom said he dog was biting her, and was kicking her husband out of bed. She had worked with trainers, but had little or no result. She was at her wits end as to what to do, and felt there was no alternative but to put her dog down.
Turns out that she got the dog from a puppy mill in Missouri who "went out of business" last year and sold all the dogs at a Dog Auction held by
I couldn't help but think if she had only spent a little more time looking for an ethical breeder with a sold line of well respected dogs she wouldn't be having this problem. If the public would stop buying these puppies from these commercial breeders, and start getting puppies from breeders who are dedicated to preserving their breeds standard, and continuing a sold line of proven quality dogs, then just maybe the puppy mills would have no choice but to find a different cash crop to sell.
I did offer some methods to try and shared her dogs history with her. She has decided to give her boy another chance and has a little more knowledge and understanding of his behavior problems. I can only hope that this Lhasa Apso does not become another said statistic of the effect of commerical breeding.
Dea Andrews

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