Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kiddo enjoying the greatest snow on earth

The snow has arrived in Utah ! Looks like we are going to get several storms over the next few days which will be a lot of shoveling and wet dogs running around the house. Of course the dogs never mind the snow and love to play for as long as they can in it before they get to cold.

I took some photos of Kiddo as this is the first time our little English clown has seen the snow. If there was not any doubt a Apso loved the snow he is it. He was running, leaping and diving in and out of the snow almost as if he had been doing it his whole life. :o) Here are some pictures I took. The one where he is laying in the snow takes my breath away. What a true to breed type Lhasa Apso he is. I am so thankful to have him here with us in Utah.

Lhasa Regards,

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  1. Just love the photo of Kiddo lying in the snow, as you say you would think he had been in it all his life. He would get a taste of it here in the UK if he were still here, we have only had about 10" spread over 2 weeks and thats more than enough for me give Kiddo a kiss from his first Mom