Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Angel's Ultrasound

Well I have had this ultrasound picture for a week now and have not gotten around to scanning it yet. We took Angel to the Vet for her babies first photos. Our vet was not working that day. So we had to see another vet which was unfortunate as she was having a difficult time reading the ultrasound. She could however defiantly see one puppy. :) So we know she is expecting and has one puppy, and we will plan on the one puppy until we can get an x-ray done closer to Angels whelp date. I have my doubts about expecting just one puppy. I think there is more hiding in that belly of hers.
Here is the photo of the one puppy we caught on film :) Sorry the picture is so small but if you look at the top of the scan you can see a small jellybean shape that is the puppy! :)
Lhasa Regards,
Goldy Marie

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