Wednesday, May 20, 2009

***Ch. Orlane's Easy Rider At Carrington**** NEW Champion

I have been not the greatest at keeping up this blog but things have been so crazy around here since spring is when we really get out to the shows. I know there are some of you who have asked why I am not keeping up with the blog. So I have to catch up and update what has been going on with the kids :)
We made it out the the Las Vegas shows this year which was nice as they had a great new venue for the dog show. The show grounds where gorgeous and so was the weather. The trip was great other then the troubled tire we had to stop and replace on the way home :)
Now to the important part! The first day Rider picked up his first major with BOW. It was a 4 point major as there was 7 males entered in the show the fist day. I was so proud of Rider as he has really come into his own, and we where really working as a team in the ring. I could not asked for anything more from him as he was so perfect for me in the ring :) He always looks up at me out of the corner of his eye just making sure he is doing what he is supposed to. He has to be of course all proper in the ring which he always does for me. As soon as he is out of the ring though he goes back to his wild self ! The second day in Vegas he also took (BOW- best of winners) to pick up 2 points as the second day there were only 5 males entered, just one male short of the second major he would have needed to finish. So that let us to the Riverton Utah shows here locally just short of a month later where Rider picked up his second major to finish his AKC Championship all from the Bred by Exhibitor classes. This was very exciting for Dea and I since this is our first bred by Champion. Of course our Rider was co-bred by Linda K. Smith of Orlane Lhasas, as always without her help would have never been possible.
I do have a few pictures from the show that where shot ring side of Rider I thought I would share, I have not gotten his show photo with the judge yet, but will post it as soon as I get it:)
Lhasa Regards,
Goldy Marie

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  1. Oh, Rider is a BEAUTY!! We have Andy, one of his offspring. I can see from the photos that our Andy does look just like his daddy. As for being playful, Andy has that quality too. He's an imp, a clown, a jumping bean--hops and hops after his toys, and, boy, can he run down the hill!! I've never seen just a perky, happy, lovable baby. He'll be a year old the end of this July 2009. He's just perfect. He loves all of his toys, but he really likes my socks!!! I keep these in a basket in my closet, and he knows just where to go :-) I loved reading the wonderful news about Rider. What a treasure! Keep posting updates. I love reading them. JoAnn in Arkansas--Andy's mama