Friday, August 29, 2008

Getting some California Sun

I am still glowing from my trip to Santa Barbara this last weekend. It was only a two day show. Usually when we travel this long of a distance we try for a 4 day show. Dea and I were very anxious to show Kiddo to Edd Biven who was the scheduled judge the first day. He always loved Oreo and since Kiddo has such wonderful "TYPE" we wanted to show him to Edd who we thought would just love this English Clown :) Unfortunately when we arrived ringside about 30 minutes before we were scheduled to be judged. I noticed several breeds around me that I knew should have already been judged in the ring. I then looked up and Edd was missing. The ring stewed informed me that Edd had flown into California but never made it out of the airport. His wife is struggling with Cancer and he received a urgent call to return home. I do hope his wife is not in to much pain and I hope that she comes through alright. There will be another time and another place for us to enter under Edd again.
Edd Biven in a way is a misunderstood man. Some call him mean or downright nasty. When nothing could be further from the truth. He was one of the first judges we ever had an entry under and I will never forget that day. He must have made me do a down and back 15 times. He has made an effort to speak with us about his thoughts on the Apso and how he feels about what we have in the ring. I respect him immensely, because he looks for type in our breed. It is the most important factor in judging Apsos. Now I did not say it was the only thing... but to me, the most important.
To make a long story... lol a little shorter ( is that possible )... we did not win that weekend as far as points go, but I did speak with 2 ladies who have been in the breed for quite some time and some new people who had just got their first Apso and are heading for the show ring. I wanted to make sure they felt comfortable talking with me, and even though I was in a bit of a rush, to take time to talk with them, and give them the respect they deserve as well. I was not treated so well when I started and I will never be one of those people. So when the time comes when someone does not treat them so well, and they are brushed aside they may just remember that not everyone is that way, and move forward. I just had the best time. The boys showed better this weekend, and in the sun... so I couldn't ask for anything more.
We headed down to the beach ... we could not help ourselves,it was so pretty. As we walked down the path to the beach with Kiddo and Rider we realized the path did not break through the rocks. The dogs took it upon themselves to jump on top of them and work their way down to the beach, we simply just tried to keep up :) I think they were as anxious to get there as much as we were.
The pictures are above. One is of Rider and One of Kiddo :)
Lhasa Regards,
Goldy Marie

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