Monday, August 11, 2008

Tierd and Hopeful

One of our babies is not doing so well. This is a puppy out of Classy's litter. She is aspirating milk through her nose which has given her a bit of a cold. She stopped nursing last night and was very lethargic and loosing weight. So Dea and I starting supplementing her every three hours and holding her upright so she can sleep and get the rest she needs to improve, sleeping is so important.... as important as her feedings. Today she turned around about 5:30 p.m after we supplemented her, she seemed willing to play a little as puppies start doing at 3 weeks with there kissy kissy, and soft play biting so we laid mom out and helped her take hold and sure enough she suckled for a bit.
As we just got done feeding her at 9 tonight she did even better, a little more of a consistent sucking and we even got a wag of her little tail. :) I am so happy!
Both mamma's watch us feed the little one just looking up.... all concerned we may be doing her harm. I wish I could let them both know we are just just trying to help her along. I think hopefully, god willing she will be just fine.
Lhasa Regards,
Goldy Marie

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