Friday, August 8, 2008

Our English Clown :) Kiddo

Well my blog had problems so I am glad that we now have this one to share on. I have not shared my recent trip to England to bring over Kiddo to the States. I was there for only a short time, and hope to spend at least 2 weeks next time I go. So much history there and I love that. I think it would take years to see everything in London alone, as the guide informed us... he was a history major at the University, and was pointing out what buildings he has not yet seen. So hopefuly sooner then later we can both go Dea and I , because I do feel I missed out on a lot.

Going back... the reason I made the trip was to go get a new addition to our breeding program here at Carrington. His name is Kiddo and we are so pleased with this boy. He is definalty what I would call a clown! Kiddo has a fun sense of humor and makes me laugh everyday with something he does. His full name is Wyndcatch New Kid In Town his breeders name is June Smith. June bred her bitch Antonia to Victoria Watterson's Dog Rictovia's Somebody To Love "Jason" who I also admire in Type. We asked Victoria to help us expot a SaxonSprings lined dog almost 5 years ago. We had been waiting patienly for something she thought was special, and she was right :) Kiddo is one in a Million. I thought I would share some photos of the Kiddo :o) ... I also have his pup photo that was sent to us when he was 12 weeks of age. Thank you Victoria you have been a true mentor on our journey. Of course June .... I can't even emagine how difficult it must have been for you to let us have this boy, I am truley greatful and look forward to a lasting friendship in the years to come.
Lhasa Reagards,
Goldy Marie

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